Dedicated Management

Our Dedicated Management team provides complete logistics management services to companies that may not already have their own transportation department as well as support to those that do. We have provided customized support solutions to our clients for almost every aspect of the transportation/logistics supply chain.

SRT can provide support for almost every aspect of the transportation/logistics supply chain, including:

  • Project transportation management
  • Material flow/control
  • Expediting
  • Freight bill audit
  • Freight bill payment
  • KPI (benchmark) reporting
  • Fleet management
  • Compliance
  • And more!

From proposal stage to execution, we capture everything in our Master1 database so we can provide you with valuable management tools/reports such as:

  • Master Railcar Schedule – Our Master Railcar Schedule is the perfect management tool bringing together production, transportation and fleet utilization.
  • Proposal Management – Manage the projects at the proposal phase, including clearances and budgetary pricing.
  • Railcar (Fleet) Status – Know the status/location of your entire fleet.
  • Project Shipment Costs – Get a report of your entire project shipment costs, line by line.
  • Clearance History – Your clearances history is a useful reference for projects in the proposal stage.
  • Volume and Spend – Get a report of you shipment volumes and spend in any area, for any vendor/service involved with your shipments.