Project Transportation Mangement

Our Project Management team has provided transportation management for industries such as engineering, construction, utility, power, petro-chemical, and more. We have an extensive line of services that covers any aspect of your rail shipment.

  • RAIL – Transporting over-dimensional loads via rail has a unique set of challenges and requirements. SRT Transportation Solutions has decades of expertise in this mode of transportation. We work with our customers and the railroads to find the best route to the final destination.
  • TRUCK – SRT Transport Solutions’ team provides trucking solutions when time is of the essence. Whether a flat deck, step deck, or double drop is needed, we can get the cargo there.
  • BARGE – When the destination is inaccessible to truck or rail, water is the next option. Through SRT Transportation Solutions’ network of barge companies in North America we can work to provide a water delivery option.
  • HEAVY HAUL & RIGGING– When multiple modes of transportation are required, SRT Transportation Solutions collaborates with industry experts in heavy haul and rigging to find the optimum method for transport and delivery to any location.
  • Rail Route Studies / Surveys – This service can be invaluable to determine the best possible route, as well as loading and unloading locations for extremely over-dimensional loads.
  • Engineering / Drawings – With experienced in-house AutoCAD trained employees and on-staff PE, we can generate detailed drawings that show how your cargo will be loaded and secured to the railcar.
  • Clearances – Rail clearance proposals are required for over-dimensional loads and are used to determine if a shipment can be cleared along a specific route. We submit the critical load information required by the railroad’s clearance and engineering departments and work with them throughout the process to help get timely and comprehensive responses.
  • Securement / Certified Supervisors – We have AAR Certified welders and Supervisors with the necessary expertise to ensure that your cargo is properly secured – on time and in budget.
  • Rail Expeditor Service (Rail Rider) – For urgent shipments we offer a personal rail expeditor to travel with your cargo to help reduce transit time.
  • Daily Tracking Reports – Keeping up with multiple shipments can be a challenge, but by staying in constant contact with the railroads and other resources, we can provide daily email reports for empty and loaded cars.
  • GPS / Impact Recorders – We have state of the art GPS/Impact Recorder Units available to track and monitor your shipment.
  • Turn-key Pricing & Partnering – Partnering with heavy haul, rigging trucking and barge companies enables SRT Transportation Solutions to provide not only transport options by rail but comprehensive turn-key solutions to meet our customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Single Point of Contact – We coordinate with the railroads, ship lines, riggers, and heavy-haulers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico to ensure that your project is a success.
  • Confidential Correspondence – Because we value confidentiality as much as you do, all correspondence, drawings, and information you provide are treated as private and confidential.