SRT transports Nuclear cargo!

The transport of cargo for the Nuclear market carries a very special set of challenges and requirements. SRT understands and has experience with the unique demands associated with the transport for Nuclear power equipment.

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SRT Transportation Solutions, a Cooper/T. Smith Corporation and Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring in Houston were instrumental in the successful offloading and rail transport of four huge steam generators from the Port of Houston Authority's City Docks to the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in North Texas. The planning for the project took over a year. Weighing over 400 tons each and spanning 72 feet by 16.5 feet in diameter, each generator contains 5,500 tubes and took more than three years to build. Built by Equipos Nucleares (ENSA) in Northern Spain, the generators will be used as replacement units at the Texas plant.

Fagioli, an Italy-based leader in transporting shipments of this kind, employed a Jumbo heavy lift vessel for the ocean transport. Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring coordinated the offload of each generator using the ship's gears onto two 12 axle TTX heavy duty flat cars in a special train coordinated by SRT Transportation Solutions for the final leg of the journey to North Texas. SRT coordinated rail activities between the PTRA, BNSF and the FWWR Railroads.


SRT transports Power cargo!

In our many years of rail transport, SRT has moved a wide array of transformers. We have the experience to move your transformers. Whether it is a small transformer on a standard flat car, or a super large transformer on our 20-axle railcar, or on a Schnabel car, and everything in between… we have done it before, and know how to get it there safely and efficiently.

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SRT transports cargo for the Chemical and Petrochemical industries!

The SRT team has long been the leaders in rail transportation of supersized vessels, requiring ‘special’ handling. From small vessels on a single car, to bolstered loads traveling cross-country, SRT has the tools and experience you need to get your cargo to its destination.

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The SRT Transportation Solutions Team was contracted to perform the rail transport of a 16' 2" Wide 300 Ton Generator from a rail siding near the Port of Green Bay, WI to a power plant approximately 20 miles away.

The project required extensive work obtaining clearances. SRT worked closely with the other groups involved, including the heavy transport and rigging company that barged the generator and other pieces from the Port of New Orleans, LA.






SRT transports many, many Boilers!

From “A” – type to “D”- type, and every other type… Rail transportation of boilers can be very complex and intricate, but it’s a part of every day for SRT. Our Boiler transportation experts can take away your headache of getting the boiler where it needs to go.

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SRT Transportation Solutions was contracted to handle the movement of this large boiler from Washington State to Southern Idaho. Measuring 13'1" wide by 17'3" tall and weighing over 180,000 pounds, the SRT team was able to obtain clearances, and more imoprtantly, load within the very tight clearance window.

Challenges that were overcome to make this project successful were finding one of the very few railcars that could be used to move this boiler, arranging for ballast to lower the load's center of gravity, and coordinating the loading with riggers.





SRT transports many, many HRSG’s!

Rail transportation of HRSG’s is everyday business for SRT. We know the demands, challenges, and solutions to move your HRSG’s efficiently by rail.

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SRT recently handled the shipment of power boilers (HRSG's) from a Southern California port to the Las Vegas, NV area. The units arrived in 2 shipments that were direct discharged from ship to railcars. The first shipment of 12 units arrived on October 31st, and SRT's crews worked the Halloween weekend loading and tying down these units.

The second shipment of 8 units arrived on Thanksgiving Day, 11/26, and began discharging on Friday, 11/27. SRT's crews again worked the holiday weekend loading and securing these units. We had a limited amount of time available to complete tiedowns for both shipments, as the port had other ships and cargo scheduled at the same berth shortly after our discharges. Units were 83'L x 7'-6"W x 13'-0"H (average dim's) and weighed from 223,000lbs to 264,000lbs. Both shipments delivered to the jobsite ahead of schedule.



SRT also moves machinery!

SRT has the experience and knowledge to move your machinery. Whether you are looking to move a locomotive, construction machinery, or any other machine, we can do it. Members of our team are experienced in machinery shipments of one or two pieces, as well as, shipments of multiple pieces.

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SRT moved a total of 14 new locomotives from a manufacturer in Canada. Because the customer in Australia urgently needed the locomotives to be put to work as soon as possible, the units were expedited in special train service to the closest suitable port and loaded onto specially chartered ocean vessels.

These locomotives will be used exclusively to pull trains of iron ore that are several miles long from the mines in Western Australia.






SRT transports cargo for the Wind industry!

SRT has the contacts and resources to move your Wind cargo. Let us help you solve your dilemma of transporting wind components.

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SRT Transportation Solutions recently completed its first transcontinental shipment that originated in Canada, crossed through the United States and delivered in Mexico. The cold exchanger, fabricated in British Columbia, was transported by truck from the fabricator's shop to a rail siding, where it was loaded to rail.

SRT managed the entire project - including securement and rail transport.

The nearly 13' wide vessel required coordination with four separate railroads and their clearance departments in all three countries.