Our Overall Goal is To:

  • Design a system which can support unlimited growth opportunities
  • Develop a system that can turn available equipment into committed equipment and committed equipment into dedicated services
  • Increase the productivity of carrier assets


Our Goal for Shippers is To:

  • Control Shipping Costs
  • Control Product Flow to Their Customers / Project Sites
  • Reduce Their Administrative Burden
  • Be Supported By the Best Services and Systems Available


Our Goal for Carriers is To:

  • Locate Freight Which Covers Their Base Needs
  • Know They Can Depend on a Freight Source / Customer
  • Reduce Their Administrative Burden
  • Be Supported By the Best Services and Systems Available



  • Planning
  • Contracting
  • Execution
  • Administrative Functions
  • Expediting
  • High & Wide Clearance Profile
  • Construction Scheduling Requirements/Impact Study
  • RFQ Development/Requirements
  • Mode Analysis
  • Development of the Approved Carrier Routing
  • Service Requirements, All Modes
  • Pricing Research
  • Primary and Alternate Routing Selections
  • Contract Rate Execution
  • Optimization of Upcoming Shipments
  • Issue Shipping Instructions to the Supply Vendors Based on Optimized Plan
  • Report Delivery Status to the Field
  • Track Shipments in Transit
  • Review/Audit All Freight Invoicing
  • Pay all Freight Invoicing to the Carriers
  • File Transport Claims As Required
  • Report Service and Cost Outcomes
  • Manufacture Cycle Times
  • Vendor Performance Reporting
  • ETA Site Dynamics
  • In House and Field Activities


  • Car type
  • Clearances (route specific)
  •  Engineering
  • Rate negotiation (based on clearance/route)
  • Car ordering
  • Confirm Car Order
  • Prepare shipment paperwork and file originating railroad
  • Order car inspection
  • Confirm clearance and dispatch approvals
  • Track car in transit/report
  • Issue car return instructions/track car back to load point
  • Receive/audit rail freight invoices
  • Report cost vs. budget
  • Confirm empty car supply/arrivals at load point
  • Compile and report car mileage


It happens in all businesses, an unknown requirement develops causing the need for an emergency shipment of goods to satisfy a customer's requirements.

We have years of experience in servicing time sensitive customers who are responsible for building and operating power plants, refineries, air separation plants, and the like and developed our emergency / expediting services group.

Our services have handled emergencies such as locating and contracting multiple truckloads of dry ice needed for a utility experiencing major outages in the aftermath of a hurricane, to hand delivering a 50 lb. pressure valve to a refinery over a holiday weekend in Paris.

SRT Transportation Solutions is available to our customers 24 / 7, 365 days per year.

Emergency Contacts

Name Cell Phone Office Phone
Pete Brewer 908-797-0524 908-236-8378 ext. 605
Larry Pharr 770-722-0550 770-423-1165 ext. 2
Jim Kavanagh 908-500-6517