Freight Management Systems:

  • Optimization
  • Freight Contracting
  • Administrative Reporting and Analysis




International Transportation Contracting:

  • Gather quotes from ocean and/or air freight companies
  • Prepare customs documents, commercial invoice, letter of credit and certificate of origin
  • Coordinate with customs brokers and freight forwarders throughout shipment

Market Specialties:

  •  Specially Engineered Equipment
  •  Projects
  •  Utilities
  •  Hazardous Materials
  •  Compliance/Regulations
  •  Supply Chain Analysis


Tailored to the engineering and construction environment, our system tracks material and documents from start to finish. In a practical way, it flags items in the cycle prior to negative impact on a schedule that allows management sufficient lead time to effectively control material deliveries and job site schedules.

We Will:

  • Expedite purchase orders via phone or in-field (as requested)
  • Provide status reports customized to each project's requirements
  • Provide vendor performance reporting
  • Provide ETA site dynamics


Electronic Data Interface (EDI):

  • Purchase Order retrieval
  • Consolidated invoice and cost accounting

Auditing and Payments:

  • Review/Audit all freight invoicing against freight terms in your PO
  • Audit rates, discounts and charges against contracts and tariffs
  • Pay all freight invoicing to the Carriers
  • File transport claims as required
  • Management reporting provided for analysis


In today's ever-changing world of regulatory compliance, safety, insurance and liability issues, there are many work tasks that a company must constantly manage. In order to properly manage your supply chain, you must utilize qualified and trustworthy carriers to transport your products. It has never been more necessary to take the right steps to ensure that your carriers are the best they can be.

SRT Transportation Solutions' Carrier Compliance Program is the best tool to help you get the job done correctly and at the lowest cost.

Our reporting service has provided shippers with a valuable tool that assists them in monitoring a carrier's compliance with their corporate and/or DOT regulatory compliance. For some shippers, our service has become and integral part of their carrier qualification process for both preferred carrier selection and customer-routed carrier approval.



  • Insurance Compliance Program
  • Carrier Qualification Program
  • Monitor your preferred carriers with respect to your corporate insurance requirements.
  • Track ANY type of policy, including General, Auto, Umbrella Excess, Cargo, Warehouse and Workers Compensation/Employers Liability.
  • *Optional - Monitor special endorsements, including Additional Insured and Waiver of Subrogation, on the policies you specify.
Includes the Insurance Compliance PLUS:
  • Motor Carrier Safety Ratings
  • CSA/SMS Scores
  • Interstate Authority
  • Hazardous Materials Registration Statements
  • Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)
  • Carrier Pre-qualifications - Upon receipt of the Carrier Name, Contact, Phone Number and Level of Qualification, we will work within a 24-hour guideline to provide a complete carrier profile, on a priority basis, to our designated contact. This includes obtaining a certificate of insurance from the carrier's insurance agent if the carrier in new to our system.


  • Compliance reports emailed directly to you and any number of additional contacts. Click to view a SAMPLE of our Compliance Report
  • Email alerts for compliance items, ex. Safety Ratings that fall below Satisfactory and Policy Cancellations
  • Access DOT Safersys records directly from report and carrier profile page (posted on our website.) From Safersys you can also access Licensing and Insurance as well as CSA/SMS records


  • Carrier compliance reports customized to your corporate requirements will simplify the interpretation of the qualification data
  • This information will allow your staff to make responsible carrier selections when managing your transportation needs
  • Your company has access to highly qualified staff without increasing administrative overhead