Transportation Review - December 2017

Dear Customer,

Another year has come and is all but gone. Along with many other shipments, 2017 brought Transformers from Germany, HRSG's from Korea, and saw the export of Boilers to Mexico. These shipments are showcased below. We look forward to bringing you more interesting shipment highlights in the coming year.

Overcoming Challenges


SRT recently handled the shipment of 13 carloads of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG's) from Houston to central Minnesota. These units arrived in one shipment, and were direct discharges from the ocean vessel to railcars. Despite several challenges, discharge, load securements, and rail inspections were completed as planned. The units arrived at destination safely and ahead of schedule.

Shipping to Mexico


SRT coordinated the shipment of a large, used, A-Type boiler from the central US to Mexico. Clearances were tight, but SRT worked with the US & Mexican railcarriers to ensure the load cleared and could be moved safely. Despite some delays, the boiler was delivered on time and within budget.

Well Oiled Machine


Recently, SRT moved a transformer from an East coast port to a location in Pennsylvania. Clearances, drawings, and all logistic preparations were in place months in advance. The transformer arrived at the port as schedules, all safety protocols were observed, and securement of the piece exceeded requirements. The unit was delivered safely, on time and within budget. SRT's planning, preparation, and execution exceeded customer expectation.

Breakbulk & PowerGEN



Two great conferences happen at the end of the year and SRT is happy to be apart of them. Breakbulk which took place in Houston was a big success with over 5,000 people attending the show. This show gives SRT the opportunity to meet with a lot of customers and generate leads for future business. The PowerGEN conference was held in Las Vegas. This is by far one of the largest shows SRT exhibits at in our industry. This year the show had over 20,000 people in attendance. This show gives SRT the opportunity to meet with the manufacturers in the industry as well as talk with multiple people about the forecast of business and market trends.