Transportation Review - July 2017

Dear Customer,

Summer is here and project work is heating up along with the weather. Keep reading below to learn about some key projects SRT has executed.

Bigger is Better



SRT recently handles the bolstered shipment of a 306 ton reactor vessel moving along the Gulf Coast. Planning for this project began almost a year ago when SRT was asked to come up with a load configuration and tie down plan that would allow the vessel to clear via rail. SRT worked closely with the railroad to come up with a successful plan and then was asked to put the plan into affect and manage the shipment from origin to destination. The project was a success and the vessel was delivered safely, on time and within budget.

Persistence is Key


RICA 2017


SRT coordinated the delivery of 2 transformers in the North East coming from overseas. This shipment needed to be on time and could only be delivered within a narrow window to the offload location. Initially, everything was going according to plan. However, after clearance was completed, the intended rail siding would not be accessible. We worked closely with the serving railroad to find alternate locations. After looking at the various options, there was only one offload point that could be used. As the deadline was approaching, the delay of arrival from overseas presented another challenge. With a truncated schedule, we worked tirelessly with all the parties involved to make sure that we met our deadline. In the end, the transformers were delivered safely and on time.

This year's conference was held in Indian Wells, California. There were nearly 300 people in attendance from all sectors of the dimensional market. Once again the conference proved to be a great opportunity for railroads, shippers and heavy haul/rigging companies to come together. There were several presentations that address the current market conditions, forecast going forward and the challenges the market is currently experiencing. RICA will hold its Fall Board meeting in Charlotte, NC in September and the 50th Anniversary meeting will be held in Park City, UT next year.

Upcoming Events:

- Breakbulk Conference: 10/17-10/19 Houston, TX

- PowerGen Conference: 12/5-12/7 Las Vegas, NV