Transportation Review- 2017

Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer and project work is gearing up, but that doesn't mean that training stops or that we lose sight og our safety goals. Continue reading below to see how SRT's focus on training and safety contributed to the well being of our employees as well as the successful execution of projects.


Boots on the Ground

Our customers expect that our dedicates field personnel will be on-site when railcars are being loaded and/or unloaded. After all, that is what we do!

We ran into a slightly different need for boots on the groun on a recent transformer project. Delivery involved a portion of track on a short-line railroad and unfortunately, the railroad did not have the personnel or experience to determine what the clearances were on their track.

SRT dispatches a team to perform the route survey and measure any obstructions. Discussion with the railroad alerted SRT to two bridges which could potentially present clearance issues for the transformers.

Fortunately, both structures provided adequate clearance for the loads and our customer could rest easy that delivery could be safely made. This is just another example of how SRT goes the extra mile to ensure every load we handle is delivered safely and on time--even when it takes extra boots on the ground!


Safety and Training Go Hand in Hand

 "Safety First!" This is a slogan that we are all familiar with. Many companies have used this slogan, or their own personal version of it, to label their corporate safety program. We use that slogan at SRT Transportation Solutions, anf it is a way of life for all of us.

As part of our efforts to make safety first in all that we do, we recognize the need for continuous training. We do our best to make sure that all employees have both job functional training and also the safety training that they need to make sure that "Safety First!" truly is the way we do business and the way we live.

This convergence of safety and training came together recently with out specialty railcar operating business segment. You may already know what SRT Transportation Solutions has some of the most extensive railcar operating project experience in the industry. We operate and manage an extensive fleet of specialty railcars and execute a number of these shipments on a monthly basies.

We recently brough our experienced and qualified Operating Staff together for an annual refresher course. Despite the fact that all of these Railcar Operators have extensive experience in rail operations, Safety was a key part of our training session. While review of the particular operating procedures and details of these very u nique railcars is paramount, underscoring the entire program was the need to always focus on safety.


Boilers on the Move

SRT handled the shipments of several different types of boilers this quarter. The moves have been from the North of Mexico to the Northeast United States, the Mid-West United States to Eastern Canada as well as one from the Mid-West United States to the Southeast. Each move presented their own set of challenges, whether it be clearance issues or railroad delays. However, with careful planning, coordination with the different railroads involved and a keen eye on safety, SRT was able to facilitate safe and on time deliveries for all the shipments.


Message From the President

Hard to believe that we are past the first quarter of 2017. Comapnies on the stock market will be reporting their earning again and we are well into spring weather. Like the stock market, business is up and down.

SRT is fortunate to have dedicated people who have various talents providing our customers specific service requirements. As the leader, you realize that success with out customers isn't all about you but the loyal people who come into work each day. Success with our customers depend on team work, not just what's in it for me. SRT success is about out people.

Our business relies on our people providing the best service to our customers and partners. From all at SRT, we thank all of your for the opportunity. We appreciate your bringing us your service requirements and allowing us to provide you transportation solutions. I am privileged to be the SRT Navigator, the one you see a lot of and understand that the positive results you recieve depends on all of our great people doing the work.

Wishing all of you the best in 2017.

Bob Felix