Transportation Review - February 2017

Happy New Year from all of us here at SRT. We are looking forward to an exciting and busy year. Highlighted below are a couple of project from the end of last year.

When Timing is Critical

SRT managed the shipment of 3 identical transformers from Houston to Illinois at the end of the year. Timing was critical as the customer could not accept delivery of the units until after the first of the year. Coordination was also crutial since the rail spur could only accommodate one railcar at a time for offload. With careful planning and coordination with the heavy hauler, SRT was able to dliver all 3 transformers in a timely manner.

Pressing Matters


SRT Handles the movement of a 502,000 lbs press machine from a plant in Arkansas that was being decommissioned to another plant in Mississippi. Due to the unusual design of the press, SRT had to develop an unique tiedown plan in order to achieve the required restraint for longitudinal, lateral, and vertical axes. Again timing on the arrival was critical due to the customer requiring delivery before the end of the year. The Christmas holiday was a factor as many railroads are short staffed during this time. However, with strategic organization on the part of SRT and the railroad, the piece was dlivered safely on December 27th.


Upcoming Events


- RICA/Arema Board Meeting: 2/28-3/1

- Cooper Customer Appreciation: 3/6

- RICA: 6/18-6/21 Palm Springs, CA

- Breakbulk Conference: 10/17-10/19 Houston, TX