Transportation Review - November 2016

Fall is upon us and SRT has a lot to be thankful for. We have executed several interesting projects this last quarter and are highlighting two standouts below.

Exceeding Customer Expectations!

SRT recently handled the shipment of 2 steam generators from a plant side in the southeast to the western US. These units measured 73'-0"L x 12'-0"W x 14'-6"H, and weighed in at 1.1 million pounds each. The extreme weight dictated either a Schnabel car or bolstered loading arrangement. Since there were 2 units that the customer preferred to move in one shipment, the Schnabel car option was off the table. 

Bolster loading of units at this weight, but at a relatively short overall length, presented its own challenged. SRT's Engineering Department worked overtime to create an ingenious bolster design that would evenly distribute the wieght of the loads over 2 railcars. The "first of its kind" bolster arrangement worked exactly as designed over the 3,000 mile rail route.


Preplanning is the Key to Success

SRT also handled the movement of 2 heat exchanger vessels from Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf coast. With an overall length of more then 92' and having limited attachement points, a creative securement plan was needed to satisfy the AAR Open Top Loading Rules. SRT's Load Engineering Department devised an efficient, cost-effective solution that both met our customer's budget and exceeded the AAR OTLR requirements, resulting in the safe delivery of both units.

Power-Gen Conference - December 12-15th in Orlando, FL

This year's Power-Gen Conference will be held in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center. It is the world's largest Power Generation Event. With more than 1,400 companies exhibiting and an anticipated 20,000 attendees over three days it is a great opportunity to gain exposure. The conference provides wideranging coverage and trends in Power Generation. Please make plans to visit us at booth 5619.