Transportation Review - July 2016

Something to Celebrate!

SRT executed the complex, multi-modal shipment of a 161' long, 14' wide Splitter Tower using a combination of rail transport, river barge, and an ocean-class deck barge. Rail transport to the nearest inland waterway was accomplished by spanning the tower over 3 railcars in a triple-bolster load configuration. The tower was trans-loaded from rail to a river barge at Catoosa an then trans-loaded again to an ABS barge after arrival at the port of NOLA. The ABS barge sailed through the Gulf of Mexico and up the Atlantic Coast to the end users facility in New Jersey where it was rolled-off safely bt SPMT's. The transportation enginerring and planning for this project started in November 2015, the Tower shipped the first week of June 2016, and arrived at destination of the 4th of July.


Cooperation Leads to Success


Together with two class 1 railroads, a short line railroad, and heavy haul company, SRT successfully transported and delivered a large D-type boiler from Canada to Pennsylvania. Due to a narrow girer bridge on the last leg of the route, the boiler had to be unsecured, raised on the railcar and re-secured for final delivery to the site. Through careful planning and cooperation from multiple companies, the boiler was delivered safely and on time.