Transportation Review May 2015


Letter from the President

Specialized Rail Transport (SRT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cooper/T. Smith(CTS), purchased Kavanagh Logistics, Inc.(KLI) three and a half years ago. There were many good reasons for the transaction but in general, a good overall fit. The combined resources looked like a winner. We found this idea to be true. We continued to operate separately but cooperatively.

Over time, we assisted and supported each other. We learned that each company had excellent resources that contributed to the other. That naturally developed and evolved into one blended company. I am proud to announce the new company name, SRT Transportation Solutions(SRT-TS). The "SRT" has always been used as an acronym for Specialized Rail Transport. The "Transportation Solutions" bests describes the Dedicated Management that KLI has developed with their customers over 30 years. The new name has real meaning and
incorporates both companies. The Management Team is Glenn Kavanagh, Executive Vice President; Alex Loya, VP Operations; Lisa McConnell, VP Transportation Services and Kelli Collins, VP Sales & Marketing. We remain here for you.

Our goal is not to change what the two companies have done well in the past, but to combine them into one well run company. The consolidation allows us to be your Transportation Solution. The support of our parent company (CTS) provides corporate and financial resources. Our agreements and offerings will remain unchanged. If anything requires updating we will let you know. Please let us know if we have missed something. You will notice our signatures have changed and all our email addresses will fall under the domain. Past
email addresses will remain intact.

I want thank our customers and vendors for their support. The cooperation of all is required to WIN! We appreciate our successful working relationship with you. I believe our collaborative environment will serve us all well into the future.

Main Offices:
Houston, TX (HQ) 713-671-5699
Atlanta, GA 770-423-1165
Lebanon, NJ 908-236-8373

Best Regards,

Bob Felix



RICA is Coming Soon!

The 2015 RICA Conference will be taking place at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando Florida from June 28th through July 1st. This is a great opportunity to meet with all those involved in the movement of dimensional cargo through North America. This conference serves as a venue to find industry solutions, improve communications, discuss challenges in transportation, and to expand on the knowledge of our members in different areas of transportation. We look forward to your attendance. For more information visit COME BY OUR BOOTH AT RICA!




The Right Car for the Job


Recently, we were asked to transport a Stator for the construction of new nuclear power plant on the east coast. SRT Transportation Solutions had the right car for the job based on
the dimensions of the load. The move went without a hitch given that the Stator and our 20 axle railcar (KRL 204002) were a perfect match. Our team worked closely with the customer to make sure that move was executed safely and effectively. The rail route required several critical shifts of the load to negotiate curves and clear obstructions. The railcar's hydraulic system allowed it to lift and shift the 415 ton load on the 40' foot load deck. At the conclusion of the project, our customer commended us on the excellence of our team and our great