Specialized Rail Transport (SRT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cooper/T. Smith (CTS), purchased Kavanagh Logistics, Inc. (KLI) in 2011. Although there were numerous reasons for the acquisition, we primarily felt that the companies were a perfect match. Bringing these companies together and pooling their resources was a winning combination.

Initially, we operated separately, but cooperatively. SRT and KLI assisted and supported each other on various projects. Over time, both companies became more familiar with the unique and complimentary methodologies that each brought forth. That naturally developed and evolved into one blended company in 2015. I am proud to announce the new company name, SRT Transportation Solutions (SRT-TS). The "SRT" has always been used as an acronym for Specialized Rail Transport. The "Transportation Solutions" bests describes the Dedicated Management that Kavanagh developed with their customers over 30 years. The new name has real meaning and incorporates both companies. The Management Team is Glenn Kavanagh, Executive Vice President; Alex Loya, VP Operations; Lisa McConnell, VP Transportation Services, Kelli Collins, VP Sales & Marketing and myself. As always, we are here to support you and your company’s transportation needs.

Our goal has been to merge SRT’s and KLI’s core competencies to create a company that builds on each other’s strengths. SRT TS has a Projects Division (one project or one shipment) and a Dedicated Management Division (providing complete Logistics Solutions). Our Dedicated Management Division provides Rail, Truck Management Systems, Barge and other services requested by the customer. This synergy allows us to be your total Transportation Solution. The support of our parent company (CTS) gives us access corporate and financial resources. Additionally, you will notice our signatures have changed and that all our email addresses fall under the domain. Past email addresses will remain intact for the time being.

I want to thank our customers and vendors for their support. Our goal is to improve SRT TS performance on a daily basis. We appreciate our working relationship with you. We hope that our collaborative working environment will serve you today and well into the future.

Best Regards,

Bob Felix
President, SRT Transportation Solutions